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TIM Studio 1

TIM Studio is a web application that offers an intuitive user interface to the TIM Engine for forecasting and anomaly detection. It can also be approached through the TIM Studio API. It is a productivity tool that brings TIM's predictive and prescriptive analytics capabilities to non-technical users.

TIM Studio can work with CSV files or data queried from SQL databases.

It uses the unique technology of the TIM Engine that we call InstantML and RTInstantML. The interface of TIM Studio consists of these main parts:

  • Datasets – repository of datasets
  • Model Building Definitions – definitions of model building parameters
  • Forecasting – used for forecasting on time-series data
  • Detection – used for anomaly detection on time-series data
  • Experiments – workbench for running experiments

Each of them belongs to a so-called 'workspace'; workspaces help users to keep work organised, for example by business case or other criteria.