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Release Notes

This section provides an overview of the releases of all TIM technologies.

ToolDescriptionLatest version
TIM APIAPI for TIM Enginer2023.5
TIM StudioWeb application built on top of TIM Engine with additional features supporting your ML ops workflowr2023.5
Python clientPython library that implements the TIM APIr2023.3
Alteryx Forecasting ToolTool for Alteryx platform that implements forecasting API calls3.0.0
Alteryx Anomaly Detection ToolsTool for Alteryx platform that implements anomaly detection API calls2.0.0
TIM EdgeTIM's main functionality packaged to be deployed on the edge5.0.0
TopicDescriptionLatest version
LTSLong-term supported releases of the TIM Platform for non-SaaS installations2022.10