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TIM, Tangent Information Modeller, provides breakthrough time series data Machine Learning modelling for forecasting and anomaly detection.

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Machine Learning and Time Series Introduction to TIM Solution templates
Why Time Series are different to other Machine Learning problems? What aspects are critical to predictions of time series data? What are the benefits of using TIM and how it can be used? Learn on examples. We bring a few cases in form of solution templates to demonstrate how TIM can be used. Examples from energy, retail and other domains described. Data sets included.
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TIM Settings Math behind TIM
Start using TIM and learn more about how to set it up. Get in-depth overview from mathematical point of view, the architecture, features, advanced settings.
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Tools TIM on platforms API documentation
TIM Studio
TIM Connector
TIM is available on variety of platforms and tools Ready to implement TIM technology to your stack? Read API documentation.

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