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TIM Clients

We created a set of add-ins and templates which help you to start using TIM as quickly as possible, also on other platforms. Bring your data and let the TIM do the rest.

Check what you can do on individual platforms. Some are still in development, and plenty of others are on our roadmap.

AlteryxTime series forecastingTool using RTInstantML technologyDeployed
AlteryxTime series anomaly detectionBuilding TIM Anomaly Detection model and in-sample detection on time-series dataDeployed
AlteryxTime series anomaly detectionOut of sample detection with TIM Anomaly Detection on time-series dataDeployed
Amazon Web ServicesThe TIM EngineThe TIM Engine as a BYOL listing, available on the AWS marketplace.Deployed
AzureThe TIM EngineThe Tim Engine as a SaaS listing, transactable via the Azure Marketplace.Deployed
Microsoft Power BITime series forecasting and anomaly detectionPower BI Desktop file showcasing integration of TIM's capabilities in Power BI trhough use of the Python clientDeploted
Python ClientTime series forecasting and anomaly detectionPython client introducing an easy and fast way to use the TIM API in your Python projectDeployed