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This section covers the installation procedure for the TIM Edge solution.


The TIM Edge solution is distributed as a Docker image. As such, to run TIM Edge, the following requirements apply:

Running TIM Edge

The steps listed below describe the process to run a TIM Edge container:

  1. Login with Docker (contact Tangent Works support to get credentials) by running the following command:

    docker login -u user
  2. Pull the image by running the command below with "tag" replaced by the desired version of TIM Edge (for example v5.0.0):

    docker pull

    Note: Check the release notes to find the available release versions.

  3. Run the container by executing the following command (again, replacing the tag with the desired version of TIM Edge):

    docker run --rm -it -p 8079:8079
  4. The service should be available on port 8079. Try opening the Swagger interface to the TIM Edge REST API to see if the container is up and running.


End-to-end tests are available for testing whether the service is successfully deployed. These tests are written in Python and are available for download. After downloading and unzipping the folder, the tests can be run from the command line using Python with the following command: