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Qlik Sense

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Qlik Sense is the Qlik next-generation platform for modern, self-service oriented analytics. It supports the full spectrum of discovery use cases from visualization to reporting, all within a governed multi-cloud architecture.

With Qlik Sense, your organization gets scalability, trust, and ongoing choice.

The platform ensures your enterprise leads with data by providing broad value for all types of users with robust capabilities from unmatched Associative exploration and accelerated self-service creation to collaboration and reporting, online and offline mobility, customization and extension, data integration, and governed, multi-cloud scalability supporting the entire enterprise ecosystem.

Qlik Sense runs on the patented Qlik Associative Engine, allowing all of your users of all skill levels to explore information freely without the limitations of query-based tools.

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Creating real business value with predictive analytics is quite often a lengthy process that isn't always successful. To get to real value, a user needs to set up an end-to-end solution and in order to make that tangible with TIM Tangent Works has created this template which allows users to build automated predictive dashboards like the one shown in the video below.

This template combines the visualization capabilities of Qlik, the processing capabilities of Python and the predictive capabilities of TIM and outlines a complete dataflow from raw data to visualized results. It can serve as a basis for tackling and operationalizing other use cases.