Use Case Templates

When trying out unfamiliar technology, or searching for inspiration for new business challenges to overcome, a precanned example can go a long way in making you succesful. We recognize this, and work to provide a variety of real-world use case templates that range across industry, across business area and across Machine Learning challenge. These templates can be accessed and explored from right within TIM Studio. Additionally, this list of templates is continuously updated and expanded upon. In our Use Case Library, you can find an up-to-date overview of the templates that are provided.

In the table below, you can download the use case templates to import them into your TIM Studio, as well as the respective datasets they revolve around.

Use Case Industry Type Tangent Works Use Case file Dataset
Belgian Electricity Grid Energy Forecasting BelgianElectricityGrid.csv
Bicycle Sharing Transport Forecasting BicycleSharing.csv
Breast Cancer Data Analysis Healthcare Classification BreastCancerDataAnalysis.csv
Contact Center - Short Term Services Forecasting ContactCenter-ShortTerm.csv
Customer Churn Prediction Services Classification CustomerChurnPrediction.csv
Inventory Management Supply Chain Forecasting InventoryManagement.csv
Battery Lifetime - Remaining Useful Life Technology Forecasting BatteryLifetime-RemainingUsefulLife.csv
Car Traffic Transport Forecasting CarTraffic.csv
Carbon Intensity Science Forecasting CarbonIntensity.csv
Concrete Compressive Strength Manufacturing Forecasting ConcreteCompressiveStrength.csv
Contact Center - Long Term Services Forecasting ContactCenter-LongTerm.csv
Credit Card Fraud Detection Finance Classification CreditCardFraudDetection.csv
Gearbox Temperature Monitoring IoT Anomaly Detection GearboxTemperatureMonitoring.csv
Data Center Overheat Detection Technology Anomaly Detection DataCenterOverheatDetection.csv
Forex Trading Finance Forecasting ForexTrading.csv
Gas Turbine Monitoring IoT Anomaly Detection GasTurbineMonitoring.csv
Heat Consumption Energy Anomaly Detection HeatConsumption.csv
Predictive Maintenance - Aircraft Engine IoT Classification PredictiveMaintenance-AircraftEngine.csv
Production Line Manufacturing Anomaly Detection ProductionLine.csv
Restaurant Sales Retail Forecasting RestaurantSales.csv
Solar Portfolio Energy Forecasting SolarPortfolio.csv
Water Pump Maintenance IoT Classification WaterPumpMaintenance.csv
Wind Portfolio Energy Forecasting WindPortfolio.csv