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TIM Studio is well equipped so that you can explore your data, iterate over experiments, and then turn easily to regular (production) forecasting.

The flow

Users in TIM Studio can rely on automation and user-friendly functionality for both phases of MLDevOps.

Typical flow of a User, from uploading data to a production, looks as follows.

Step Activity MLDevOps phase
1 upload Dataset, explore it
2 back-test / iterate over experiments, get insights into models built by TIM ML
3 select Iteration of Experiment with the best results and data to be used in production and activate it as Production setup Ops (Release)
4 use your Production setup in regular (production) forecasting Ops

Term production refers to use of already established settings and data without the need to further experiment, inspection of model details etc. This kind of use can be done manually within TIM Studio interface, or automated thanks to TIM Studio API when implemented in your application stack.


TIM Studio organizes its artifacts in hierarchical structure as follows: