Who can use TIM Studio

TIM Studio offers way to work with machine learning technology not only to data scientists but also to business analysts, yet making operationalization of their outcomes easier.

Business Analysts

TIM Studio comes with friendly interface that allows Citizen Data Scientists and Business Analysts to work with machine learning technology without putting significant effort to learning and implementing complex technologies. It does not overwhelm with complexity, yet, if you are interested, you can adjust multiple settings. Most importantly, TIM Engine, which is used to build models and calculate predictions works automatically.
Data Scientists

If you are Data Scientist and wants to adjust settings, see the impact, get insights into details, it is completely possible. TIM Studio gives you a way how to get access to advanced functionality.
IT specialists

TIM Studio has its own API, thus when former two are finished with their work, and there is need to automate, developers can step in and implement API into their application stack.